Ursula Funke Kaiser
Vi har gleden av å kunne invitere til en digital faglig veiledningskveld med Ursula Funke Kaiser, 23.11.23, 18:00-21:00. Det er mulig å legge frem case, og de av dere som har case bes krysse av for det i påmeldingen.
Dato: 23. 11. 2023
Klokkeslett: 18.00 - 21.00
Digitalt – Zoom

Ursula Funke Kaiser er fra Tyskland og er en erfaren SE-lærer.




Bio Ursula Funke-Kaiser, SEP, LLP

In her first life, Ursula studied law and worked as attorney of state and judge for several years before she underwent extensive training in body and breath therapy, art therapy and followed her interest in Jungian psychotherapy. She is certified as healing practitioner for psychotherapy.

After meeting Dr.Peter Levine, her professional life focused on Somatic Experiencing. She finished the training as an SEP in March 2000 and assisted Peter Levine and other teachers in numerous trainings in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and Israel, is teaching since 2006 in Germany, Norway, Denmark and Poland and continues to assist Peter Levine regularly in his Post-Advanced classes in Europe.

Ursula is co-founder of the German Association of Somatic Experiencing and served as a Board member and in the Faculty accreditation committee.

In Stuttgart she runs a private practice, as she finds it especially useful to see clients when teaching SE.

Besides that she was for 19 years first chairwoman of a non-profit organization in the field of psychotherapy and counseling and is mother of 3 and a grandmother.

Since decades she is engaged in meditation and awareness practice.