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Årsmøte – med faglig innlegg om Hakomi, v/Bettina Deuster

Bettina Deuster is an International Hakomi Network Trainer. She lives in Germany where she also

works with clients in her private practice.

Hakomi is a somatic therapy that you could call assisted self discovery and relational mindfulness.

The name Hakomi itself is an ancient Indian Hopi word and could be translated as : Who are you in

relation to all these different realms. 

So we assist our clients in a very gentle and mindful way in becoming aware of embodied habits of

inner organization that define our sense of self and how we are relating to the world. We do this with

little tailor made experiments that will bring these core believes into consciousness that are causing

 unnecessary suffering. That helps us finding out what we really need and how we can have new and

happier experiences.

What shall we do with suffering? 

We will look at our relationship to suffering and will explore how we can respond to it in a more

healthy and compassionate way. Hakomi teaches us to develop states of mind that will prevent

burnouts or empathy fatigues in helping professions. We call this state of mind  Loving Presence. In

that sense it is a way of taking care of ourselves  and even getting nourished so that you can stay

present in challenging moments. It increases our health and happiness while being with others who

are suffering.