Transferred ownership of Somatic Experiencing®


In June of this year, 2016, Peter Levine formally transferred ownership of Somatic Experiencing® – the intellectual property, trademark, and all copyrighted material present and future – to the Foundation for Human Enrichment for its safe keeping and for taking his life’s work forward to future generations. The Foundation now has the honor and responsibility for maintaining the quality and fidelity of SE™ worldwide. We will do this by ensuring that the presentation of SE by anyone is formally approved.

Currently, only the following approved SE training programs are authorized:

  • FHE approved SE faculty teaching the 3-year training program including Introductions,
  • FHE approved post-advanced SEP classes offered by certificate partners,
  • FHE approved short program providers,
  • FHE approved and sponsored membership webinar presenters,
  • FHE approved 3-hour and 6-hour Basics providers,
  • 1-hour Basics presentation by SEPs on a public service basis (free to attendees).

Any other training programs that are based in SE, refer to SE, or use the SE principles labeled as something else, are unauthorized and therefore violate legal use.

The FHE has the published mission to expand the use of SE across the globe, reaching those in need, and therefore be a healing force in the world. One of our strategies for doing this is to significantly expand the number of people and programs that legally teach SE. We do this by inviting all those parties interested in helping us achieve this goal to seek prior approval from FHE in making use of the approved teaching content, materials, and methods, in any teaching settings.

Teaching SE in other teaching settings means that any of the SE concepts are taught as part of a therapeutic program, whether specifically referred to as SE, or not. Teaching SE also means that a monetary transaction is part of the program. This includes formal registration fees, voluntary donations, fees paid directly to the presenter or a host organization, fees paid to assistants, organizers, and coordinators. In summary, if there is any form of monetary transaction, the teaching of SE must be approved by FHE.  Speaking about SE on a completely voluntary, public service, basis falls outside of this policy and is allowed, however, using the 1-hour prepared SE presentation is strongly recommended for non-faculty members.

Practices that constitute illegal and/or unethical competitive practices include:

  • Using SE training information such as rosters or in-class created participant lists to promote non-FHE approved training programs
  • Using information gained from participant and assistant quality surveys to promote non-FHE approved trainings or slander FHE approved trainings
  • Using directly, or indirectly, material found in the FHE curriculum and/or training manuals in non-FHE approved training programs
  • Using any part of the collected works of Peter Levine (including papers, books, videos), without proper credit, during non-FHE approved training programs
  • Representing yourself as a partner of any kind with FHE/SETI when presenting material at non-FHE approved trainings
  • Teaching SE in any form without approval from FHE.  This includes workshops targeted toward specific professionals or specific therapeutic modalities (i.e. fire fighters, school personnel, refuge workers, body workers)
  • Offering SE trainings without gaining approval by FHE prior to their initiation

Of no concern to the Foundation are competitive products that are not based in SE concepts, in other words, have been created independently of Peter Levine’s work. Many such programs exist.

Referring to a program as derivative of Peter’s work (either as an expansion of SE or a focus area for SE application), when created by an SE trained professional, the program must seek prior approval by the FHE as one of the programs listed above.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

Warm regards,

Brian Dale
Executive Director
Foundation for Human Enrichment