European Conference on Somatic Experiencing® (SE) and Refugees

  • War trauma is a somatic experience affecting the nervous system and the body. If not treated even future generations will be affected
  • SOMATIC EXPERIENCING® is an approach that releases traumas through the body
  • Hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria and Afghanistan are currently in an urgent need for help to release their traumas


In 2015 more than 1,5 million people entered Europe in hope of obtaining asylum. They fled from civil wars in Syria and Afghanistan.

Many of these people are suffering from severe traumas after bombings, losses, torture and other atrocities.

Many European countries have hesitated to welcome the refugees in dire need, resulting in many still living in uncertainty and feeling hopeless. These nightmares haven’t stopped. Neither has the refugee stream to Europe, even though it has diminished to EU due to the agreement with Turkey about keeping refugees out of EU. The social, medical, and psychological problems just have been accumulated in Turkey in crowded refugee camps.

Even if the civil wars in Syria and Afghanistan were to stop now, everything indicates that the European countries have to address such a large number of traumatised refugees that hasn´t been seen since The World War II. From experience we even know that the traumas will continue for future generations.

Whether the refugees have to repatriate to their countries of origin to rebuild their countries, or whether they get permission to stay permanently in Europe, there is an urgent need to prevent the traumas to further develop, and to help people to return to an active life where they regain their mental capacity to take part of the society they are living in.

The conference

The aim of the conference is to promote assistance to a larger group of asylum seekers and refugees. We see SE as an effective approach, because the focus on self regulation of the nervous system by accessing the body through awareness, touch/ self touch and movement can give an immediate trauma releasing effect even with limited and short term intervention. This requires collaboration between politicians, authorities in charge of asylum seekers, rehabilitation centres for refugees, SE practitioners, and other health professionals in the European countries.

The invited speakers will represent different approaches to deal with the mental health care of refugees and asylum seekers. Speakers will currently be announced at our website:

There is scientific evidence that traumas are based in the nervous system and the body. An effective way of treating traumas therefore must be based on restoring the balance in the nervous system.

  • SOMATIC EXPERIENCING® is an approach developed to help people with traumas – even with multiple traumas.
  • Peter Levine Ph.d has developed the SE throughout the last 45 years.
  • It has successfully been used after the tsunami in Thailand, India and Indonesia in 2004, the hurricane Katrina in 2005, the tsunami in 2011, and many other traumatic incidents.
  • There is on-going training in Somatic Experiencing all over the world.


We will  provide a post workshop on May  with different presenters who will present body related approaches which are efficient and easy to apply a to refugees. The announcement will follow soon.

 Conference: 5-6 May 2017

 Workshop: 7 May 2017

 Conference program: Will be announced soon

Venue: Mogens Dahls Koncertsal, 5-7 May. Website:

 Registration and conference fee will be announced soon