SEP Post-Advanced Certificate Training Program: Therapy Mastermind Circle

Therapy Mastermind Circle (TMC)

Dear Marie- Anne,

I want to tell you about a special program exclusively for therapists called the Therapy Mastermind Circle (TMC) that was created by Diane Poole Heller, who has been a senior Somatic Experiencing instructor for many decades.

Diane Poole Heller’s online and workshop trainings are approved offerings for the Post-Advanced SEP & Advanced SEP Certificate Programs.

The next series of modules is open now for a limited time.

This is a unique training for therapists that includes detailed video training, live calls, case studies (from participants), real client demo sessions to study, monthly expert calls and a strong community of like-minded therapists who will be coming together to share and take their skills to the next level. Watch this short video and learn more here:

Click here to watch Diane’s video and get all the details

Diane designed the Therapy Mastermind Circle to bring you the most up-to-date therapy training knowledge in our field on a monthly basis.

In the upcoming months, TMC will be exploring: Working with Your Most Complicated Clients: Compassionate Approaches to Personality Disorders/Adaptations.

Diane also has a powerful lineup of speakers and related topics coming up including:

  1. Caryn Scotto d’Luzia, MA, SEP – Improving Client Outcomes: The Link Between Avoidant Attachment & Hidden Shame
  2. Maggie Phillips, PhD, SEP – Understanding Narcissism and Attachment
  3. Dr. Richard Schwartz, PhD – Working with the Borderline Pattern from an Internal Family Systems Perspective
  4. Nancy Napier, LMFT, SEP – Enhancing Being and Embodiment: Working with Dissociation Using Elements from Hypnosis, Parts Work, and Somatic Experiencing
  5. John Howard, LPC LMFT-Associate – Working with Highly Sensitive People with Attachment Implications

As an exclusive bonus for SE Professional Training graduates, you will receive access to a two-month recorded program on Trauma Healing: A Gateway to Spiritual Transformation that includes an interview with Dr. Peter Levine.

Don’t miss this lineup of incredible teachings we’re sure that you’ll want to be part of. This program is for you if:

  • You want regular case studies and real life examples
  • You want to be in community with practicing therapists who are sharing and supporting each other
  • You want access to leading experts in the therapy world

Just click here to signup and learn more here

You will also automatically get a free copy of her most requested article 8 Elements of Healing through Psychotherapy.

Additionally, as part of TMC, you can qualify for up to 20 CEs in your profession when you complete the module.

P.S. TMC comes with a full guarantee so you can try it completely risk-free.

P.P.S. Remember, enrollment is just open for a short time – so sign up here:
Click here: TMC details and registration

Contact Elizabeth Steed Blevins at with questions.